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Recently, Andy has been reading The Heroes of Olympus series and it kinda made me curious about The Lost Hero. I’ve reread the PJO books a lot but this is the only one I’ve never picked up again and I thought it was my least favorite.

After rereading it, I have to wonder what I was on when I decided I didn’t like it. I found myself closing the book and just hugging it in those little moments where their friendships were developed. And Leo? Leo is such a fantastic friend and I’m so glad Piper and Jason were finally able to appreciate that.

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Girlfriend I’m pretty sure I don’t even know how to post a picture to tumblr.

Ashton is too precious. We must protect her at all costs.

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excuse me as I celebrate belatedly over pacific rim getting a sequel and a possible animated series with mako mori drawings

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I may be a little obsessed with this new prompt…


There are challenges, and then there are braids.

Percy held Hannah’s locks in his fingers, bewildered and lost, as he tried to figure out how in the world a braid even worked. To him, it was magic. For all he knew, a girl rolled out of bed with braids during the night. It all started because Annabeth had showed up in the kitchen one morning - post-workout - sweaty, pink-cheeked and thirsty. As she drank a glass of water, Hannah stared at Annabeth’s braid, wide-eyed, and dropped her spoon into her bowl of cereal.

“Pretty…” she cooed.

Annabeth grew redder but smiled. She kissed Percy on the cheek and left to take a shower, leaving Hannah with no one else to ask but Percy.

“Please, please, please, can you do my hair like Annie?!”

He could have easily said: I have no idea what I’m doing, because - well, that was the truth. But whenever his little sister looked at him like that, he wanted nothing more than to give her every dollar in his pocket for an endless supply of milkshakes if she wanted it. How could he say no? It would seem that both siblings shared the perfected puppy-dogged look like it was paying the rent.

He plopped her down on a kitchen stool and got to work but failed to know how to even begin. Annabeth’s hair was curly and thick, and Hannah’s was fine and straight. Percy ended up folding some pieces of hair over each other, like a napkin, and ended them with a scrunchy.

“Thank you!” the little girl squealed as she hopped from the stool and raced into the living room, the locks already falling from the “braid” so they looked like legs of a spider.


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What we need’s a diversion

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flyingcrowbar said:
Mari ruining our lives is totally a good thing, right?!
chasexjackson replied:

god yes

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