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Found this doodlething on my computer, figured I’d…well, it’s not very much cleaned up, but here it is anyway haha. From our Hogwarts headcanon, incognito!Merlin continues to be a shining example in the art of subtlety and stealth.

Particularly when Harry then goes running to Hermione with a smug people can so apparate on Hogwarts grounds.

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 “Trust me, Valdez. Beautiful people never lie.” 

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I wanted to color so yeah

Art by Burdge

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She can totally rock the crop top

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Updated the blog theme!

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Anonymous inquired:

what do i search for that theme? or like where do i find it? i really want it...

The instructions can be found here

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I reached 8k followers how crazy is that? you guys are amazing followers and thank you so much, i have no words to explain how grateful i am for you guys, i did a little ff as a thank you, i'm so sorry if i am missing someone thank you so much 


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